Online Schooling

a guy posing in a way to actThe internet and video streaming has changed the way school is approached. No longer do teachers need to grade huge stacks of paper, as assignments can be submitted online and graded in moments. Video school, where teachers and students can see face to face over a live stream, is becoming increasingly popular. Whole schools exist where networks of students log on at the same time and receive instruction. Online school also allows those who wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to obtain an education.

Entertainment Value

two girls sitting in a movie theater with 3D glasses onWhen was the last time you stepped into a video rental store? It's been ages for me. All my watching for entertainment is done online now. As is true with many who have access to broadband internet and video devices, watching entertainment on your TV or mobile device has never been easier. Video technology has indeed changed the face of entertainment. Stars rise and fall at a moment’s notice due to fast-spreading music videos. We can watch almost anything from the comfort of our home.

Video Marketing

a film crew filming an important eventYou may not pay attention to the ads on your screen before your show on Hulu or Netflix starts, but others do. Online video marketing is becoming the prevalent way to reach more customers, quickly overtaking print media. You can target specific audiences based on who watches the show, with stats already laid out for you. Millions of customers can be reached at once, depending on the popularity of the show. Video technology is changing the way that businesses reach audiences and market goods.

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